Super-Sized Celebrities: Artist David Lopera Makes Celebs Plus Size (Photos)


David Lopera fattens up celebs

Most Hollywood stars would be horrified to pack on the pounds, but a Spanish artist named David Lopera has digitally altered these A-list stars and fattened them up.

Lopera wants to show that plus-size women can be beautiful too and hopes to “change people’s mind about beauty standards”.

Lopera sells these images to men that like their ladies on the chunky side, aka Chubby Chasers.

A few of the famous women he altered to look more plump include reality star Kim Kardashian, singer Rita Ora, actress Emma Watson, rapper Iggy Azalea, and many more.

Rita Ora overweight pic by David Lopera
David Lopera/News Dog Media


We are accustomed to seeing photoshopped images on nearly every photo shoot and magazine cover, which could make women feel “not good enough”.

You have to remind yourself that these pictures are digitally altered to look near-perfect. The models and celebrities don’t really look that way in real life.

Even former supermodel Cindy Crawford isn’t without her flaws. Gasp!

Kim Kardashian overweight photo
David Lopera/News Dog Media


Check out these photos Lopera has altered of celebrity women.  They are a bit shocking because we aren’t used to seeing them this size…but they are still beautiful.

Click thumbnails for larger pictures

Images: David Lopera/News Dog Media


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