Singer Samantha Mumba In Car Wreck A Week Before Her Baby Is Due


Samantha Muma having a baby girl

Samantha Mumba was involved in a car crash just one week before the birth of her first child.

The 32-year-old Irish singer and actress was part of a three-car pile-up in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old posted a photo on Instagram showing her lying on a stretcher with police cars and ambulances in the background.

Singer Samantha Mumba in car accident

Mumba captioned the photo, “3 car crash that we got the brunt of. My poor car written off a week before the baby is due. Clearly God was protecting us….just so grateful that our little girl is ok and this wasn’t any worse. Serious reality check.”

Samantha was immediately flooded with well-wishes.

Samantha Muma expecting first child

One user wrote, “Glad to hear you and your little girl are safe Sam, you must have been terrified.”

Another added, “Luck of the Irish @samanthamumba, glad to hear all is ok.”

Samantha was just grateful that her unborn baby girl was safe.

Mumba adds, “After spending the night in hospital monitoring her we are just so grateful that our little girl is okay and this wasn’t any worse”.

She later added, “Thanks for all the messages everyone alls well that ends well thank God (sic).”

Samantha married former policeman Torray Scales in 2012 and is the stepmother to his son Mason.

Samantha Muma expecting first child

Mumba shot to fame with her debut single Gotta Tell You.  She also has starred in movies such as The Time Machine with Guy Pierce.

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