Robin Williams’ Widow Susan Schneider Files Lawsuit Against His Three Children Over Will


Robin Williams and Susan Schneider

The death of someone you love is never easy, but things are made more difficult when those left behind squabble over money.

Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider has filed a lawsuit against the late comedian’s three children in a fight over property left in his will. Uh-oh, here we go!

Susan has filed legal documents complaining someone entered the house she shared with Robin days after his death in August last year, removing items she believed should belong to her.

Court documents were filed in December and January, with Schneider claiming some property was “unilaterally removed” from the home.

Once she started legal proceedings, Susan claimed “certain home-related services were canceled”.

Robin Williams and his kids in 2005

The late actor’s children – Zak, 31, Zelda, 25, and Cody, 22 – have accused Susan of trying to “redefine” aspects of his will and ignore the “plain language of his will and trust”.

Williams reportedly made it clear in his will that he left behind most of his property to his children.

Some of the items left to the three children include his 1998 Oscar for the movie Good Will Hunting as well as other memorabilia from his films.

Robin Williams and family

Robin had already been through two failed marriages that cost him around $30 million and made certain his third wife signed a prenup agreement.

The actor’s children acknowledge Schneider has the right to keep items that she accumulated with Williams during their marriage, but believe she is trying to alter some of the terms listed in the will.

They claim she is trying to “redefine the word jewelry” to keep a watch that belonged to Williams.

Robin Williams commits suicide R.I.P.

Robin’s adult children claim that Schneider refused to let them in the house after his death and that she is trying to keep items left to the kids. This property includes jewelry and his watch collection.

In Williams’ will, he reportedly left all his movie memorabilia, action figures, graphic novels, theater masks and other items to his children.

Williams took his own life inside his Tiburon, California home on Aug. 11. He was 63.

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