Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, & Ellen DeGeneres Join Fallon For Password Game (VIDEO)


Fallon plays Password with celebrity guests

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with fellow talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to battle actress Reese Witherspoon and actor Steve Carell for a fun game of “Password.”

Each teammate is given a password and is limited to giving a one word clue.

Ellen and Jimmy were up first, with DeGeneres guessing the password “booty” after being given the clue “call”.

Then Reese guessed the password “Soprano” thanks to Carell’s accented delivery of his clue, “Tony!”

Things quickly went downhill, however, when “blush” was the password. Witherspoon said “makeup” for her clue, leading Carell to guess, “Revlon?”

The Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins noted, “That’s kind of a diss” to DeGeneres, a CoverGirl spokesmodel!

Ellen tried to prompt Fallon to guess “blush” by using “rouge” as her clue. He didn’t quite put that together with makeup, though, and instead answered uncertainly, “Ellen DeGeneres?”

Ellen teams up with Jimmy for Password

With “blush” still the password to guess, Witherspoon smiled as she told Carell her clue: “Cheeks.” Finally, he got it!

The last password “Joint” was worth 1,000 points and the whole game.

We always enjoy the games played on The Tonight Show, especially Family Feud.

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Images: NBC


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