Pamela Anderson Orders Rick Salomon & His Daughters Out Of Her House


Pamela Anderson wants Rick Salomon's kids out of her house
Pamela Anderson filed for divorce for the third time from husband Rick Salomon last Wednesday, ordering him to get his things (and daughters) out of her Malibu home.

Friends are worried about Pamela’s erratic behavior and have “never seen her this way before”. What’s up?

The former Baywatch babe and Playboy model filed for divorce previously in July, but withdrew the petition.

Pamela and Rick tied the knot before that in 2007, but had the marriage annulled just two months later.

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon

Rick, 47, a poker player has been working in Las Vegas recently.  Anderson called him on Monday and told him she wants his dog and daughters out right now.

A source said Rick “begged Pam to give them a week or two until they could find a new place, but she refused”.

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon divorcing again

Another insider adds that Pamela is acting a bit nuts.

They said, “The truth is that Pam is acting so mixed up, that no one really knows what is going on right now with her. Pam went into hiding immediately after filing the divorce and even Rick himself is dumbfounded.

“She is acting very erratic — one minute, she says she still loves Rick, and the next, she changes her mind and says that ‘it’s not meant to be.'”

Pamela Anderson arriving at the Gold Beach Party

Anderson is reportedly seeking spousal support from Salomon in the divorce.

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