Mariah Carey Caught Lip-Syncing At Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival (VIDEO)


Mariah lip-syncs during Jamaica show

Mariah Carey is famous for being able to hit all the high notes, but it appears that is a struggle for her these days.

Mariah performed in Jamaica on Friday and was caught lip-syncing her hit songs.

Fans that attended the 2015 Jazz And Blues Festival paid upwards of $200 to hear Carey sing her chart-topping hits.

The mother-of-two was noticeably out of breath and failed to hit the high notes, trying to keep her composure.

Mariah dramatically pretended to sing, but it didn’t appear she was even singing the right words to her own song.

In her defense, it appeared Mariah was having technical difficulties too, with the singer often grabbing her ear piece during her performance.

The singer even mysteriously disappeared from the stage while performing We Belong Together, leaving the audience baffled.

One fan at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival said of MiMi’s performance, “She completely lipped Fantasy! I’m a die hard lamb but her mouth did not even move”.

Another witness said, “I didn’t see one genuine singing whatsoever… She lip sync during the entire set..She is one of the best but to come to Jamaica and only lip sync I am totally unimpressed. Oh well I guess the crowd was more interested in seeing an icon rather than real singing.”

This recent lip-sync comes over a month after she diva’s performance of holiday hit All I Want For Christmas Is You at the annual NBC special Christmas In Rockefeller Center bombed.

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