Madonna Falls Off Stage At Brit Awards: Probably Hurt More Than Just Her Pride (VIDEO)


Madonna falls down stairs at Brit awards due to cape

Madonna suffered a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and fall at the Brit Awards, when her long cape was pulled backwards and took the singer with it!

We imagine she is pretty bruised because that was a hard fall.  She may not look it but is 56-years-old too.

The singer appeared to be removing her trailing cloak when it appeared to be jerked backwards, either on purpose or accidentally by a back-up dancer.

Madonna was pulled backwards off the podium and down a few steps to land on her back.

It is not clear from the video just what went wrong, but her dancers appeared shocked after the nasty fall.

Madonna fell down several stairs off podium

Madonna, being the true professional that she is, got right back on her feet and continued to finish her performance after the scary incident.

Here is a little longer video of Madonna’s fall at the 2015 Brit Awards:

Fans took to Twitter to show their support for the singer.

Louise Houghton wrote, “Big respect to @Madonna @BRITAwards for carrying on so professionally & giving an awesome performance. Please don’t slate her.”

Melanie Redmond tweeted, “Oh my god. Madonna. That fall. I feel so bad for you but you did sing about stumbling. And you really did more than that, you crash landed.”

Another was more concerned about who may have caused the incident, writing, “I’m sweating with anxiety for the cape puller who will perish in the flames tonight.”

Video of Madonna's fall at Brit Awards

We hope Madonna did not suffer any serious injuries. We imagine she will be sore and bruised though.

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