Kevin Smith Pays Tribute To His Dog Mulder: Shares Heartbreaking Photos


Kevin Smith shares grief over beloved dog Mulder's death

“Clerks” director Kevin Smith is one funny guy, but showed off his sensitive side on Wednesday.

Smith posted a sad tribute to his beloved dog of 17 years, Mulder, who passed away yesterday.

Dog lovers mourn the loss of our furry children just as we do the death of a family member. Most of us can relate to how Smith is feeling.

The 44-year-old filmmaker and actor posted a message on Facebook Wednesday morning telling his fans that his 17-year-old dog, Mulder, was dying.

Kevin Smith mourns loss of Mulder

Kevin said, “As I’ve spent the last year carrying him around like Hodor” (referring to a character from Game of Thrones), “I’m not taking this terribly well”.

The director continues, “They never tell you when you get a dog, but there is a price to pay for being the recipient of 17 years of unconditional love, loyalty and companionship: they take a huge chunk of your heart with them when they go.”

Kevin Smith mourns loss of Mulder

He later added, “Mulder was beyond worth it. F***, this hurts…”

At around 1 p.m., Smith updated his followers that his fur baby had passed away.

He said, “He’s gone. RIP Mulder, my Buddy-Man. Thank you for 17 years of sheer joy and affection. It took a dog like you to make me a better person”.

Kevin Smith shares grief over beloved dog Mulder's death

The moving tribute touched the hearts of Smith’s followers, who expressed their condolences for his loss.

We send our condolences and well-wishes to Kevin and his family.

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