It’s Just Not Valentine’s Day Without Awkward Photos: Enjoy!


    Happy Valentine's Day
    It’s Valentine’s Day, the day set aside to celebrate love, which is apparently done by buying flowers, chocolates, or diamonds.

    Not everyone is into the commercialized part of Valentine’s Day, instead going with a special photo to mark the occasion.  These couples go to show that “Love is Blind”…and obviously can be awkward.

    Check out these entertaining awkward Valentine’s Day photos that prove that love makes he do strange things. asked everyone to send in their favorite V-Day pictures.

    Let’s start it off with a photo that definitely screams “romance”!

    Awkward Valentine's Day photos 2015

    This woman appears to be more in love with herself than her significant other!

    This girl is more in love with herself

    This loved up couple in matching jeans and Yosemite Sam shirts are the rootinist-tootinist couple in the West.

    Yosemite Sam couple's photos

    We could barely find this couple in camouflage, expect for the fact they are in green with a Fall background.

    You can't find us!

    They may not be spring chickens, but he still enjoys coping a feel.

    Awkward Valentine's Day photos

    This wild thing and her man appear to be more in lust than in love!

    So romantic

    This hilarious photoshopped image may reveal the husband’s true desires?

    Hilarious but wow!

    A couple of space cadets in love?

    Space cadet couple?

    We are guessing this wasn’t an amicable split?

    Bad break-up?

    Outdoor couple’s  photos are great, but maybe not by the outhouse?

    Flirting around the outhouse

    Now this is true love. He let his wife wear the teeth for their couple’s portrait. Aww!

    Cute old couple

    Umm…is that a tree branch on her back or is he just happy to see her?

    Nature loving couple

    Well, this is certainly a unique father/son Valentine’s Day photo!

    This is wrong in many ways

    Wow! Just why? Perhaps we should be thankful it wasn’t his meat sword!

    What were they thinking?

    We wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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