Jimmy Kimmel Gives Benedict Cumberbatch A Honeymoon-Vibe For Interview (VIDEO)


Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter wedding news

Benedict Cumberbatch just tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, but still managed to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live as scheduled.

Jimmy told the actor he felt bad about him having to work, turning the stage into a faux tropical paradise for part of the interview.

Kimmel said, “I have to say, I feel guilty. I appreciate you honoring your commitment. I thought maybe I could make it a little bit more like a vacation for you while you’re here. First of all, let’s switch the background if we could”.

A Hawaiian scenery popped up as drums started playing.

Kimmel gives Cumberbatch a pina colada

The host adds, “Maybe we can have some music there. And then I got us a couple of piña coladas. You don’t have to drink ’em, but cheers to you!”

“It’s our honeymoon!” Cumberbatch said.

“And then later we’ll make love,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel told him, “Cheers to you…and later we’ll make love”.

Jimmy Kimmel gives Cumberbatch a mini honeymoon

Kimmel later asked about Benedict and wife Sophie Hunter’s unborn child, asking, “Will he be taking your second name?”

Benedict replied, “poor child I think it will, have to it’s kind of the tradition.”

Benedict and Sophie married in England on Saturday, before enjoying a lavish reception.

It appears their honeymoon will be in Los Angeles, with Benedict up for a Best Actor Award at the Academy Award’s on Sunday.

Benedict reveals how he found out about his Oscar nomination:

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