Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith Beatbox: It Was “Outta Sight” (VIDEO)


Will Smith beatbox It Takes Two video

Will Smith, a former rapper known as the Fresh Prince, returned to his roots when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The actor joined Fallon to beatbox and rap the Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s hit, “It Takes Two”.

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap and beatbox

Will Smith is currently promoting his his latest movie, Focus, but Jimmy couldn’t help but want the star to show off his rapping skills.

“I’m glad you’re here,” host Jimmy Fallon told him. “We have a lot in common, actually.”

“We do?” Smith asked.

“Yeah,” the comedian assured him. “We both love music. We both like rap music. You’re a famous rapper. I’m a classically trained beatboxer.”

Fallon told Smith, “I want to try something fun with you. I got this iPad app…and you record ourselves beatboxing and layer a bunch of parts on top of each other, and then it will loop over and over and we can rap over that.”

“Oh, like recorded layering?” Smith asked.

“Yes! Is that’s what it called?” Fallon asked. “Of course. That’s what I was going to say.”

The late night host used a beatbox iPad app that layers and loops vocal tracks,  creating an awesome version of the popular rap song.


The Tonight Show has been filming in Los Angeles this week, instead of New York where previous hosts Johnny Carson and Jay Leno did the show.

Fallon has taken a look back at the early Nineties this week, recreating the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening and reuniting most of the Saved By the Bell cast in the halls of Bayside High.

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