Jane The Virgin’s Justin Baldoni & Wife Emily’s Baby News Video Goes Viral (VIDEO)


Justin Baldoni & Emily Foxler photos

Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni and his wife, Swedish actress Emily Foxler, have announced they are expecting their first child in a very special way.

The couple shared a video where they let their loved ones in on their exciting news.

The 31-year-old actor captioned the video, “Recently our family was blessed with some AMAZING NEWS!  This is how we chose to share it with our loved ones.”

The couple are shown gathering family, friends, and even the cast and crew from the hit CW series at various times to view the baby announcement video.

Justin Baldoni & Emily Foxler photos

“I just wanted to give you guys all a gift thanking you guys for such an amazing year,” he tells the cast and crew during a meeting before introducing the video, which he described as a ‘year in review.’

Baldoni, who plays the father of Jane’s unborn child Rafael Solano, used a scene from the series when he’s at a doctor’s appointment with Jane (Gina Rodriguez).

The scene then turns to a moment in Baldoni’s real life as he stands over his wife as they listen to their baby’s heartbeat.

Justin's co-star Gina Rodriguez is shocked

We get to see their friends and family reacting to the baby news.

One person asks, “Is that a baby?” and some people burst into tears of joy.

One sweet moment is when Baldoni tells his mother-in-law in a via video chat, “You’re going to be a Grandma!”

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Images: wenn.com/Youtube


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