Jack White Livid After Tour Rider & His Guacamole Recipe Are Revealed!


Jack White has Oklahoma University blacklisted

Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes, made an appearance at University of Oklahoma and the student newspaper decided to print his tour rider. Now the university is blacklisted!

White wanted his guacamole perfect and specified his favorite recipe in the rider, but also oddly requested they “don’t want to see bananas anywhere in the building”.

The musician went nuts after the University of Oklahoma campus newspaper, the Oklahoma Daily, printed his concert contract and tour rider.

In fact, William Morris Entertainment has blacklisted the university from any future concerts by Jack White or other artists under their label because “they don’t want any other artists treated that way.”

Jack White hates bananas?

The campus newspaper used the Freedom of Information Act to justify the publishing of White’s contract, and says it was the newspaper’s right to publish the information.

The talent agency feels the campus newspaper was “mocking” White.

Jack White tour rider printed in university newspaper

White was unhappy his secret guacamole recipe was released, but also was upset over his pay of $80,000 being printed.

Wow! This is totally bananas!

A member of Jack White’s team said in a letter, “The most important function of a rider is that it lays out optimal technical specifications to ensure the audience has the best experience possible. For that, Jack hires a team of very qualified touring professionals who write the rider and attempt to execute a professional and pleasant experience for all involved.”

The letter continued, “Part of that is making sure that the tour personnel of about 30 people plus the local venue staff are fed. Contrary to what some believe, Jack doesn’t write the rider nor make demands about his favorite snacks that must be in his dressing room. We recommend you try Lalo’s guacamole recipe. It’s delicious.”

Jack White's guacamole recipe

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