Hilarious New Edition Of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (VIDEO)


New video of celebs read mean tweets 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Live is back with a new round of Celebrities Read  Mean Tweets, with music artists reading the cruel tweets from their haters.

This edition includes Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jessie J, and more!

Lady Gaga previously stated her new fragrance will smell like “blood and semen”.  Sounds like a real winner!

But one Twitter troll thinks she smells like something else.

Lady Gaga mean tweets 2015

Roar singer Katy Perry was taken aback by the comment, “katy perry has a voice that reminds me of balls covered in glass sliding down my throat.”

Katy Perry mean tweet

Jessie J looked offended when a tweeter suggested she “looks like she takes giant s***s. Stinky ones too.”

Ed Sheeran read a tweet that stated, “Hey look Ed Sheeran is still ugly”.

Ed Sheeran mean tweet

Sam Smith said ‘well done’ to the tweeter who wrote, “I’m trying to use the work ‘hate’ less often. Here goes: I thoroughly dislike Sam Smith.”

Drake was told by someone from the Harry Potter fandom who wrote, “Drake looks like voldemort with hair.(sic)”

Alana Haim said she liked the tweet that said, “Let’s face it, the girls from Haim are ugly as f**k and perform like they’re orgasming.”

Rapper Wiz Khalifa laughed when someone tweeted that he “looks like a homeless woman”.

Wiz Khalifa mean tweet

This was the second music edition of Mean Tweets, and it also included insults for the likes of Josh Groban, Blake Shelton, Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, Sia, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Jason Aldean, 5 Seconds Of Summer and Psy.

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