Former Dexter Star Jennifer Carpenter Engaged & Pregnant!


Jennifer Carpenter engaged to Seth Avett

Former Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter is not only engaged to Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers, but is also pregnant.

Jennifer, 35, has been spotted with a huge rock on her ring finger and sporting a baby bump. Her rep confirmed the actress is both engaged and having a baby.

Many of you will remember the drama in 2013, when Carpenter was blamed for causing Avett’s split from his former wife, Susan.

Sources claimed Jennifer began seeing the rocker in 2011, although he was already married.  Seth confirmed in 2013 that he and his wife had split. He has since been dating the Dexter star.

Fans of The Avett Brothers were not at all happy with Seth and his affair.

One fan wrote, “Seth is a dog and Jennifer Carpenter is a homewrecker. Plain and simple. I hope he’s happy now. I hope Susan is ok. No one deserves to be lied to. Seth deserves nothing. Not even his fans.”

Another upset fan wrote, “Seth Avett is a pig for cheating on his wife and Jennifer Carpenter is a very ugly woman.”

Jennifer is best known for playing serial killer Dexter’s foster sister, former Lieutenant Debra Morgan on the series.

Jennifer Carpenter & ex Michael C. Hall

The actress was married to her Dexter co-star, Michael C. Hall, for three years and split in December 2011.

You may also have seen her in “White Chicks”.

Jennifer Carpenter’s pregnancy and engagement to Seth Avett has just been confirmed by her rep.

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