Egotistical Kanye West Sort Of Explains The Beck Incident At Grammys (AUDIO)


Kanye West's Grammy incident with Beck no joke

Kanye West claims he was just giving the audience what they wanted when he interrupted Beck at the Grammys on Sunday.

During his interview with Ryan Seacrest, Kanye jokes the “voices in his head told him to go onstage after Beck beat Beyonce for Album of the Year.

During a chat with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, Feb. 11, the “Only One” singer said, “the voices in [his] head” told him to go onstage after Beck beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year”.

West told Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show, “You know, I felt like just the whole Grammys, right when that happened, everybody was looking at me, and then people started screaming, ‘Kanye! Kanye! Go do it!’ Okay, that didn’t really happen, these were voices in my head.  So the voices in my head told me to go up, and then I just walked up, like, halfway up the stage.”

He revealed he was serious about his comments after the Grammy Awards show, but did not intend to ruin Beck’s big moment.

Kanye West's Grammy incident with Beck no joke

“You know, what I really wanted to do is just joke around with what had happened before [with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs] , but I just really didn’t want to take away from Beck’s moment or the time he’s having to talk, because, you know, the Grammys, they play music really quick no matter who you are and everything,” he added. “So I didn’t want anything to take away from his screen time. So I just walked back down because, you know, it was kind of a joke, like the Grammys themselves.”

Seacrest said many people felt his actions were disrespectful, asking Kanye what he would say to Beck if he had the chance.

Kanye didn’t actually apologize, but said, “Well, first of all, Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game. So there’s nothing that I would want to do as a fellow musician to disrespect him in any way”.

“The weird thing is — and I don’t feel like I have the right to take away from people’s moments, but the reality of it is — it’s almost like a chiropractor,” he continued. “You know, you just get a little crook out, like, ‘Wow, this crook has been there!’ It’s just a little jolt of truth, right? And then, you know, everyone feels better after the fact, or everyone sells way more albums after the fact, and then Kanye just goes on being an a–hole to everyone.”

Amen to that!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian at Grammys 2015

What about Kanye’s remarks to E! news after the show, where he said Beck should  “respect artistry” and give his award to Beyonce?

West said, “Well, you know what happened? It’s because I sat there and I kind of let that [smolder] and I was asked my opinion and I was given a platform.  And when given a platform, it’s very hard, as we know — and I’m going to talk in third person like I’m a crazy person — but it’s very hard for Kanye West to not be very true and vocal to what he feels.”

Drawing a comparison between the Grammys and the Super Bowl, he said, “You know, someone’s got to be mad that Marshawn [Lynch] didn’t get the ball.”

The rapper did admit, “I think it came off the wrong way, and that was a mis-wording on my part, because obviously Beck is one of the most respected artists and respects artistry. But I felt — and this is my opinion and he’s his own man and he’s not wrong and we’ll still go play basketball and stuff [unless] he doesn’t want to do it — that even though the Grammys sometimes give awards to people who you wouldn’t think should win in the category, as a respect to artists, we mention the other artist’s name in our speech”.

Kanye added that Taylor Swift, whom he famously interrupted at the MTV Video Music Awards, went up to him and told him he should’ve gone onstage. Kanye quipped, “This is the irony of my life!”

Kanye’s obnoxious actions actually helped Beck, with The Independent reporting that sales of Beck’s album on Amazon have increased 1,342% since Kanye’s antics. Two days after the Grammys, on February 9, Spotify reported an increase in streaming of Beck’s music by 388%.

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