Bruce Jenner Has Felt Like A Woman Since Childhood


Bruce Jenner says goodbye to reality tv

Bruce Jenner reportedly knew at the age of five that he was a woman, which we find knowing he has struggled with this secret for so many years.

The Olympic gold medalist-turned-reality star has always identified as being female.

Family members say even during the 1976 Olympics Jenner saw himself as a woman.  This is something Jenner himself allegedly just revealed to his family.

An insider revealed Bruce has “never been female” around his children.  He did not dress like a female or give off any clues he was uncomfortable being a man.

Jenner is in the middle of reports about a possible sexy change and was recently in a car accident that left one person dead.

Bruce is reportedly also upset with his daughters talking about his transgender journey.

Bruce Jenner quits Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sources claim that Jenner plans to reveal his female name when his rumored interview with Diane Sawyer emerges.

An insider said, “He referred to her in the third person”, adding that Jenner did not wear makeup for the interview.

A docu-series following Bruce’s sexual transition is expected to air around May after Keeping Up With The Kardashians has completed on E! for the season.

It’s unknown what the name of the show will be or how many episodes will air.

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