Afroman Arrested After Brutally Punching Female Fan On Stage (Graphic Video)


Afroman punches woman so hard video

Afroman, who is best know for his song “Because I Got High”, was arrested on Tuesday and booked for assault after he punched a female fan who got on stage during a performance in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The woman got up on stage and was trying to dance against him when he hit her so violently that it knocked her off her feet. The video is hard to watch.

Afroman, who lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was performing during a free Fat Tuesday concert sponsored by Kress Live and Play The Coast.

Afroman was playing guitar when the woman walked on stage and then danced up against him.

Afroman punches woman so hard video

He had already spotted the woman (according to what we saw in the video), but lashed out and punched her and her head hit a raised area of the stage.

Afroman punches woman so hard video

The woman fell hard after the blow and reportedly was bleeding and crying.

Afroman kept performing until the house lights came on and the music stopped. The woman was helped off the stage by security and police took Afroman outside of the venue and handcuffed him. The rapper, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, was later released after paying a $330 bond. A representative for Afroman said the rapper didn’t know if the fan was a man or a woman and just reacted to someone being on the stage.

The Palmdale singer’s rep also claimed there was a lack of security to keep fans off the stage. He also added the incident was completely out of character for Afroman.

Afroman was nominated for a Grammy award in 2002 for Best Rap Solo Performance for Because I Got High.

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We have seen videos before where a singer reacts to a fan’s presence in a bad way, such as NOFX’s Fat Mike. But this horrific incident takes the cake.

Afroman insists he was “wrong” to hit out, but claims he mistook the girl for a man who had been hurling abuse at him from the side of the stage throughout the show.

He explains, “I wanna apologise for my actions. I’m enrolling in some anxiety foundation, right now, I’m trying to get it done.

“I love my fans… I had my frustrations (with the show), and I had a guy that was on the side of the stage, yelling at me, yelling some obscenities… but these girls got onstage (too) and I accidentally… I was trying to keep rapping. One girl left and I thought both of them had left, and the guy was still hollering from the side of the stage so as I’m playing, I’m thinking it’s the guy trying to heckle me…

“I’m just trying to finish up and do my job. I thought it was that guy and I turned around and wow, man… It was wrong.”

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