Watch This Police Officer “Shake It Off” On Dash Cam (VIDEO)


Delaware cop knows how to Shake it Off

A police officer, Master Cpl. Jeff Davis, with the Dover Police Department in Delaware was recently filmed lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake it Off”.

Davis was recorded on the dash cam totally getting down to this. Sick. Beat!

As part of its “Dash Cam Confessionals” series, the police department shared this in-car footage showing Officer Davis cruising around as he lip-syncs Swift’s song.

Davis added a little sass and attitude to his performance, which made it all the more entertaining.

Cpl. Davis lip-syncing to Taylor Swift song

The police department said in a message on Facebook, “While reviewing dash cam footage, we come across some interesting sights to say the least. We decided we would share some with you in a new web series called Dash Cam Confessionals.  We hope you enjoy this…and Taylor Swift, if you’re watching…we’re sorry.”

In a phone interview, Cpl. Davis stated, “Yes, I did know that the camera was on.  We had it done just as a publicity thing for not only our police department but police worldwide.”

“With all of the negative publicity the police have been getting nationwide and worldwide, I think it was a good thing to show a little, the lighter side of the police,” he added. “We are human and we have a tough job to do. We just wanna kind of make a funny video to show that we’re all human.”

One funny part is when Davis pulled up to the stop sign and waved to another driver, attempting to tone down his performance when passing people.

Delaware cop knows how to Shake it Off

Davis was asked how he knew all the words to “Shake It Off,” explaining that his 10-year-old daughter loves Swift.

“In my house, Taylor Swift is on the radio quite a bit,” he said. “That’s not the only song I know all the words to.”

Davis, a married father of four, joined the Dover police 19 years ago and is a supervisor of the Community Policing Unit.

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