Taylor Swift’s Twitter Account Hacked: Threatened With Release Of Nude Photos


Taylor Swift not worried about being hacked

Taylor Swift took her own advice and decided to shake off her recent hacking attack.

The singer’s Instagram and Twitter were hacked into yesterday afternoon, threatening to leak nude photos of Taylor.

The hackers first broke into her Twitter account, sending out a message to all of Swifts millions of fans to follow the Lizard Squad.

Taylor and Twitter realized that her account had been hacked, all of her tweets were deleted and her account was restored.

After they were locked out of her Twitter, they hacked into her Instagram account.

The Lizard Squad claimed that they have “nude photos”” of Swift that they would release if they didn’t receive “bitcoin.”

Taylor responded by thanking the friend that alerted her of the hack.

Taylor Swift thanks friend over hacking alert

The singer then joked about the incident, tweeting, “hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack.”

Taylor jokes about hacking incident

Swift then made it clear she had no nude photos to be leaked.

Her leaked Direct Messages were very G-rated, which includes her interaction with Nick Jonas and Felix Kjellberg (aka gamer PewDiePie).

Taylor's leaked Direct Messages

So, just who in the heck is the Lizard Squad?

They are the hacker group that ruined Christmas for many after hacking into the Microsoft and Sony gaming networks that prevented kids all over the world from using their gaming systems.

One of the members, who refers to himself as Member Two spoke to the BBC, claiming they hack sites “because they can”.

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Images: wenn.com/Twitter


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