Tara Reid Accused Of Photoshopping Her Already Scary-Skinny Body: Did She?


Tara Reid arrives at Los Angeles International Airport

Tara Reid is needing some attention and has been busy posting bikini photos and even a nude photo on social media.

Fans aren’t exactly giving her the type of attention she wanted, instead criticizing her for being too thin.  Did she really alter photos to appear even skinnier?

She is currently enjoying a New Year break in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico but Tara Reid is doing her best to make certain the world knows it.

The 39-year-old American Pie actress has been posting a string of pictures on her Instagram page, the latest showing her completely naked with nothing but her arms to protect her modesty.

Tara Reid posts nude photo

Earlier in the week, Tara shared many bikini photos and appeared to be having a wonderful time.  The scenery was stunning.

The actress captioned one photo, “I’m a mermaid”.

Tara Reid bikini photos 2015

Another image was a close-up photo of her swimming her way through the natural rock formations.

Tara Reid bikini photos 2015

She added the caption, “Tarafish catch me if you can. Cenote was amazing. More pics to come. Happy new year!”

The petite blonde also shared a photo of her latest boyfriend, writing, “My amazing boyfriend who I adore. Thank you for making my New Years. You are wonderful.”

Tara Reid and boyfriend on vacation

Tara attracted comments of concern regarding her weight, with one follower writing, “Can we just look at how skinny she is!?”

Tara Reid prompts concerns about her weight

Another chimed in, “Tara, please look after yourself. I write this without jealousy or hate, just genuine concern.  Your figure resembles that of someone underfed in a lot of these pics. Your timetable may be gruelling but please take time out to look after your health. You’ve so many fans and we’re all here to support you.”

The 39-year-old Sharknado star’s waistline looked a bit peculiar in the swimsuit photos she posted on Instagram on Sunday.

Did Tara Reid try to alter photo to appear even thinner?

It appeared the actress had attempted to digitally alter the shot to make her already tiny midsection even tinier.

If Tara did alter her photo, she certainly isn’t the first.  Many celebrities have been caught trying to photoshop themselves to appear perfect.

We actually feel bad for the actress, who has not aged well.  The actress has reportedly battled drinking problems that has no doubt contributed to her haggard appearance.

Tara Reid assures fans she's fine

One follower wrote, “So sad what drugs and alcohol can do to someone’s looks”.

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