Selena Gomez & DJ Zedd: It’s On Like Donkey Kong!


Selena Gomez in pink faux fur coat

Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd have not confirmed dating rumors, but their actions speak for themselves.

Gomez and Zedd were spotted out on a dinner date to Benihana in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 22-year-old actress and her rumored new 25-year-old boyfriend were spotted hugging and kissing while dining at Benihana restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

The couple when they were seen leaving the restaurant together, looking very happy together.

Selena has been busy filming her upcoming film The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving with co-star Paul Rudd in the ATL.

The Los Angeles-based DJ paid a visit to Selena, where she is filming.

Selena Gomez & DJ Zedd dinner date

Zedd and Gomez posed for photos with fans, confirming they were definitely more than friends.

An eyewitness stated, “They were so into each other. At first, I didn’t recognize them, but then I noticed people were looking at them and talking. Selena and Zedd were really affectionate with each other and while they were waiting for their dinner, Zedd was playing with her hair. They just looked really happy”.

Selena and Zedd first fueled rumors of a new romance when they were spotted holding hands at a Golden Globe Awards after party on January 11.

Selena Gomez holding hands with DJ Zedd

We hope Selena has truly moved on from Justin Bieber. They were a cute couple, but their relationship appeared to be a roller coaster.

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