Selena Gomez Blasted For Exposing Ankles In Abu Dhabi’s Mosque: What A Tramp!


Selena Gomez shows her ankles in mosque

Selena Gomez is being criticized for posting photos of herself with her ankles showing inside Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque on her Instragram account.

This may sound ridiculous, but rules for visiting the mosque bans kissing or holding hands and states all skirts must be covering the ankle.

Selena is shown posing in front of a gold curtain while visiting Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Selena Gomez in hot water over showing her ankles?

A second picture, showing Gomez and pals Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson, and Shay Mitchell smiling and striking poses has also been criticized.

Selena Gomez & friends pose in mosque, disrespectful?

One user named Alaa Almitwally tweeted, “Disrecpectful! It’s a religion place not a place to have fun in, so disappointed.”

Another user, Ayisha Elturk, said, “If their intent was to learn about Islam they wouldn’t be posing like they were standing outside and amusement park.  I like Selena Gomez but to have her do something like this makes me no longer a fan.”

Not everyone agreed, with one user Lemouza stating, “They’re not disrespectful. Hundreds of thousand of people visit Sheikh Zayed’s mosque in Abu Dhabi.  It’s a place of worship, yes I know, but God never forbade the entry of other religions into any mosque. So please respect the fact that they actually want to get to know Islam and its beauty.”

The Grand Mosque has caused problems for celebrities in the past, with controversial star Rihanna thrown out after posing for pictures inside the compound.

Do you think Selena was being disrespectful?  We highly doubt that was her intention.

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