Ryan Gosling Does His Best Australian Accent With Russell Crowe (VIDEO)


Ryan Gosling tries out Aussie accent

Russell Crowe may be filming The Nice Guys in Los Angeles, but the native Australian certainly hasn’t forgotten his homeland.

The 50-year old actor presented an award for the AACTA Awards via satellite, getting a little assistance from Ryan Gosling.

Crowe helped present the award for Best Supporting Actress in Film at Sydney’s AACTA Awards on Thursday, appearing on a live feed.

His Nice Guys co-star, Ryan Gosling, wandered into the shot and claimed he was an “honorary Australian”.

The Kiwi-Australian actor explained that he was appearing on the AACTA Award Ceremony, to which Ryan exclaimed, “Hey you won? Congratulations!”

Ryan Gosling an 'honorary Australian'

“Oh, you lost?,” the Drive actor continued, before adding, “Sorry about that. You were robbed… you win just by being nominated, you’ll get ’em next time!”

Russell introduced his co-star to the AACTA audience, joking, “Ladies and gentleman, you might not recognise him with his clothes on, Ryan Gosling”.

Gosling told the audience he was ‘an honorary Australian’ because ‘I lived in New Zealand for like two years’.

Crowe explained that Australia and New Zealand are actually different countries.

Ryan and Russell have been working on The Nice Guys since October, with filming beginning in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to LA.

The crime mystery flick follows a private eye whose investigation into the suicide of an adult film star.

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Images: AACTA Awards


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