The Notebook Author Nicholas Sparks & Wife Cathy Split After 25 Years


Author of Notebook NIcholas Sparks & wife Cathy divorcing

Nicholas Sparks, author of many romantic novels that were made into movie blockbusters including The Notebook, Message In A Bottle, A Walk to Remember, and The Lucky One, has announced he and his wife of 25 years, Cathy Sparks, are separated.

The author, who has written 17 romantic novels confirmed their split, but claims they have remained close friends.

Sparks told People magazine, “This is, of course, not a decision we’ve made lightly. ‘We remain close friends with deep respect for each other and love for our children. For our children’s sake, we regard this as a private matter.”

The couple have five children including three sons and twin daughters, ranging in age from 12 to 23.

 Nicholas Sparks & wife Cathy split

Sparks has long credited his wife, a former lending-company account executive, as being key to his success.

In an October, 2013 interview Nicholas credited Cathy with being his writing inspiration.

He said, “Every morning when I wake up and see my wife. That is the kind of love that I write about in the novels.  All of the female characters I create have many elements of my wife”.

In the interview, he explained that he was on spring break in Florida while at Notre Dame business school when he met Cathy on a Monday night.

He said, “On Tuesday night, I told her that we would get married”.

The couple wed in 1989, seven years before his romantic novel, The Notebook, made him a star.

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