Meet The Woman With The Biggest Boobs In The World: Amazing Or Revolting?


Does BeShine have the world's largest boobs?

There are tons of women that choose to alter their appearance, especially in Hollywood. But some take things way too far.

Mayra Hills, a German adult model that goes by BeShine, is one of those people. She has some of the largest boobs in the world, with a XXX cup. Yikes!

Plastic surgery isn’t something we frown upon, but this is just utterly ridiculous looking!

Mayra Hills, aka BeShine, has body measurements of 59-28-36, claiming to have the largest augmented breasts in the world.

Her bra size is said to be a XXX , which is also considered a Z cup.

BeShine says she has largest breasts in the world

Even if you are a boob man, these things are out of control.


She must have a couple of screws loose to want breasts that large.  And what plastic surgeon would agree to give a patient implants that size!

BeShine is walking around with 10,000 cc of saline and her breasts weigh about 40 pounds.

Sexy or grotesque?

We can only imagine how uncomfortable that is to your back to haul those humongous tatas around.

This woman is obviously loving her huge boobs, flaunting them on social media.

If she is craving attention, we are certain she gets plenty in public.  They are so large they look like 9-month pregnant woman’s belly, veins and all!

Sexy or grotesque?

You can check out more photos of her huge melons in our photo gallery.  What do you think? Very nice or what the hell was she thinking?

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