Mariah Carey Confirms Las Vegas Residency: Surprises Fans In Maid Outfit (VIDEO)


Mariah Carey surprises fans in maid outfit

Mariah Carey is headed to Las Vegas!

The Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed her very first Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace during her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  See her make the big announcement!

The singer donned a sexy French maid costume complete with lace trim and gloves during her Ellen segment, where she pretends to be housekeeping and surprises big fans.

Mariah told Ellen, “This is a special event for me. And again, I have to hope that the fans will enjoy this cause I’m gonna be performing, which was kind of inspired by my album Number 1’s and this is now the updated version with 18 of them. Hopefully other people will enjoy this. I’ve never done this before.”

Carey made a pretty big promise to the Ellen show audience members, stating that each of them would receive a ticket to her Las Vegas show.

The singer added, “It’s a new chapter for me and I’m just excited about it.”

Mariah Carey on Ellen show January 15

The opportunity for Carey to receive her first Las Vegas residency may have something to do with Celine Dion postponing her own dates at Caesars Palace.

Dion had to push back her performances to care for her husband, who is battling cancer.

Mariah’s first show date is reportedly May 6.

Mariah Carey headed to Vegas in May

Britney Spears reportedly makes around $475,000 per show. We imagine Mariah will be making even more than that.

Mariah appeared a little down following the demise of her marriage to Nick Cannon, but the singer is starting off 2015 on a high note.

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