Ludacris Awarded Full Custody Of 13-Month-Old Daughter Cai


Ludacris gets full custody of daughter with Tamika Fuller

Rapper and actor Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, received some very good news.

Luda was granted full custody of his 13-month-old daughter, Cai, after battling the child’s mother in court.

This is great news for the rapper, but we imagine the child’s mother, Tamika Fuller, is devastated.

Luda's adorable daughter Cai pics

Ludacris said in a statement, “After review of all the evidence, the testimony of the witnesses, the report of the guardian ad litem, and the claims made throughout this entire case, I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter”.

During the ongoing litigation, Fuller asked for an increase in Bridges’ child support payments and made claims about Bridges initially being against her having the child.

In fact, Tamika claimed the rapper asked her to abort their child, allegedly offering her “$10,000 and a house if she lost the baby.”

Fuller said in court of the pregnancy, “He was not happy. He cried.  He did say, ‘Well, you know, this isn’t something that we planned. Let’s move forward and get an abortion.’ The baby is not going to have a family, the baby is not going to be with him, living with the father in the same house. That this is just all bad and we’re going to ruin his life, we’re going to ruin his career.”

Tamika Fuller loses custody to Ludacris

The rapper fought back and stated that her remarks were damaging his reputation.

The Furious 7 star married his longtime love, Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue, over the Christmas holidays, getting engaged and married on the same day.

Ludacris is officially off the market

Fuller accused him of getting married to portray a better and more secure home life to the court.

Bridges is also father to daughter Karma, 13, from a previous relationship.

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