Kris Jenner Outraged Over In Touch Cover Of Ex Bruce Jenner In Make-up


Bruce Jenner shown in make-up on In Touch cover

In Touch magazine has featured Bruce Jenner on their cover, with the headline, “My Life As A Woman,” suggesting Bruce is now living his life as a woman.

Kris Jenner may be his ex-wife, but she is angry over the publication “jumping to conclusions”.

A source to Kris said, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.  She has contempt for the magazine jumping to conclusions and then altering the image to fit its story.”

Kris Jenner livid over In Touch article

InTouch made it seem as if the former Olympian wanted to live his life as a woman.  Maybe he does but if he isn’t hurting anyone else, what is the problem?

The former athlete has stepped out with polished nails, longer hair and Spanx in recent months, but hasn’t made it clear if he wants to live as a woman.

Bruce Jenner shown in make-up on In Touch cover

The magazine stated in their article, “He will come clean in 2015 about transitioning. This is his year of coming out.”

In Touch also stated, “When Bruce goes public, he wants to go big and come out as a transwoman on the cover of The Advocate, the ultimate LGBT magazine.  He wants to look as glamorous as possible – full makeup with a bold wardrobe.”

An insider said that Bruce Jenner isn’t bothered by the article, saying, “He doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff”.

Does Bruce Jenner want to be a woman?

Rumors about Bruce Jenner wanting to transform himself into a woman have been swirling for a year now.

Jenner had surgery to shave down his Adam’s apple, stepped out with painted fingernails, and has been accused of wearing shape wear and sports bras. Of course Bruce’s long hair hasn’t helped the situation either.

What do you guys think about the In Touch article? Shouldn’t Bruce be able to live his life however he wants?

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