Kid Rock Has Some Harsh Words For Michael Moore & Seth Rogen!


Kid Rock in Concert

Kid Rock is known for telling it like it is and obviously loves this country.

The singer took issue with Michael Moore and Seth Rogen’s comments about the American Sniper film.  Kid Rock did not mince his words.

The rapper/singer took to his official website to blast Moore and Rogen.

Michael Moore took to Twitter to write derogatory remarks about snipers on the weekend that Clint Eastwood released American Sniper, the story of late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Seth Rogen tweeted, “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie that’s showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds”.

Kid Rock message to Seth Rogen & Michael Moore

Kid Rock, right on his website’s homepage, lashed out at Moore and Rogen and paid tribute to Chris Kyle.

Rock wrote, “F*** you Michael Moore, you’re a piece of s**t and your uncle would be ashamed of you. Seth Rogen, your uncle probably molested you. I hope both of you catch a fist to the face soon.

“God bless you Chris Kyle, Thank you for your service”.

Kid Rock has also been in the news after angering animal rights activists, after a photo of the rapper holding a dead mountain lion was posted online.

Kid Rock with mountain lion

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