Kevin Hart Plays “Slapjack” With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Kevin Hart slap jack with Fallon
Kevin Hart joined Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night’s Tonight Show for a game of Blackjack, with a twist…and huge hand!

The game consists of playing Blackjac, but the winner of each round gets to slap the loser across the face with a giant hand.

Hart and Fallon had fun taunting one another before the game.

Before they started the game, Hart had one very important issue to discuss.

Kevin Hart on Fallon show video

The comedian and actor told Fallon, “I’m just a little pissed off I couldn’t get a black hand. This is Martin Luther King weekend!”

Check out who took the most slaps and who was able to raise their massive hand in victory:

The Fever Pitch star was the first to have a losing hand and Hart really got him good.

The Ride along star nailed Fallon with the giant hand, which was replayed in slow motion for viewers.

Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon

Fallon laughed and stated, “I can’t hear anything! I lost my hearing! Oh, it’s on now, man. Game on, man. We are going to play!”

The late night host was able to seek revenge when he beat Hart the next two games.  Fallon got Hart good the very last time.

But Fallon offered a hug and a change to get him back, but Kevin declined.

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Images: Fallon Show


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