Jimmy Fallon Battles Chris Hemsworth In Hilarious Water War (VIDEO)


Blackhat hunk Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth made an appearance on the Tonight Show in New York on Tuesday evening, treating us all to a wet t-shirt contest after playing a game with the show’s host.

People’s Sexiest Man Alive took part in Jimmy Fallon’s Water War game and was soaked.

Fallon explained the game, saying, “This is just like the card game war, but with water. If you lose a hand, you get splashed in the face with nice, ice cold water.  We each have five cups of water first one to use all their cups on the other person wins and gets to use the water cannon on the other person.”

The father-of-three didn’t hold back and removed his suit jacket, which gave us all a good look at his muscular physique.

Chris Hemsworth and Fallon play water war

Both Jimmy and Chris tossed several glasses of water to the face and the actor received one to the crotch.

Jimmy Fallon cools off Chris' crotch

In the end, Hemsworth was deemed the winner and got to shower the 40-year-old comedian and late night host with a super soaker, clearly relishing in the victory.

Chris Hemsworth shoots Jimmy with super soaker


Chris Hemsworth soaking wet

Earlier this week, the Rush actor addressed his bold new haircut explaining he was sick of all the maintenance that comes with having long hair.

He told USA today at his Blackhat premiere, “I shaved the locks. I needed a trim. I have had long hair for like six years. And I got sick of it.”

The Aussie hunk explained, “Anyone who has long hair knows it takes a lot of work. It’s all good. I can wake up and roll with the day without having to worry about it”.

Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa having twins

Chris recently confirmed he and his Spanish wife Elsa Pataky, two-year-old daughter India, and 10-month-old twin sons, Sasha and Tristan have left Los Angeles to relocate permanently to his native Australia.

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