Jennifer Aniston Talks About Award Snub & Topless Photo On Ellen (VIDEO)


Jennifer Aniston on Ellen show
Jennifer Aniston missed out on nominations for a Golden Globe, a Critics’ Choice Award, and SAG Award for her performance in Cake, but was also snubbed for an Oscar.

Aniston joked about being the “number one snubbed” on The Ellen DeGeneres show, also chatting with Ellen about her sexy topless photo with her longtime male friend.

DeGeneres commented on Jennifer’s performance in Cake, which hits theaters on January 23.

Jennifer Aniston on Ellen show 2015

The talk show host said, “The Oscar nominations were last week, but I got to say that I am shocked you were not nominated for an Oscar. …it actually has to feel good because there are so many people talking about the fact that you didn’t get nominated. That in itself has to be a win for you.”

Jennifer laughed, adding, “Yeah. I’m the number one snubbed! That’s the silver lining!”

Ellen also brought up Jennifer’s topless photo in the January issue of Allure magazine, where she is hugging her hairstylist, Chris McMillan.

DeGeneres said, “I don’t think anything’s weird about it, but a lot of people are going ‘ooh, you’re topless hugging Chris'”.

The Horrible Bosses actress mentioned that many people questioned her fiance Justin Theroux about the image.

Aniston explained, “Everyone was like ‘hey dude, what’s up? Why is she hugging a dude naked?’ Uh, he’s like a brother to me so the original photograph was supposed to be…”

The talk show host stated, “That makes it weirder I think. You just made it worse”.

Jennifer Aniston on topless photo with male friend

Jennifer then agreed the remark sounded weird, adding, “Ok, I don’t know how to get out of that.  Anyway, Chris is like a dear something to me. I don’t know how to explain it, a gay man I can do that with.”

The former Friends actress adds, “I wouldn’t do that with a girlfriend. I would feel weird doing a photograph like that with a girlfriend. What are you talking about? The shoot we did was amazing.”

Jennifer Aniston on topless photo with male friend

Ellen then proceeded to reveal an image of two topless women hugging, with her and Jennifer’s faces photoshopped on.

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