Jennifer Aniston Plays Lip Flip With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Jennifer Aniston plays lip flip with Jimmy Fallon

Cake actress Jennifer Aniston made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, having some fun with a game called Lip Flip.

The 45-year-old actress really got into the game, making crazy faces. Check it out!

The Lip Flip sketch features Fallon’s mouth digitally superimposed on Aniston’s face and vice versa.

Fallon had some fun doing a surfer dude voice with his lips transposed onto Aniston’s face, saying, “I just got tickets to Bonnaroo and there is an incredible lineup there. The Microscopic Men are playing.”

Jennifer Aniston plays lip flip with Jimmy Fallon

Then it was Jennifer’s turn, doing her best Southern accent to say, “What’s up y’all I am Jimmy Fallon.¬† I host The Tonight Show and I am just a pretty, pretty little thing.”

Jennifer Aniston plays lip flip with Jimmy Fallon

Fallon jumped in stating, “When I am there at Bonnaroo I am gonna like eat mac ‘n’ cheese in a tent and eat it with my fingers”.


Jennifer appeared to be in a great mood, despite being snubbed in recent award’s show nominations.

Aniston recently did an interview discussing her struggle with dyslexia, as well as her former marriage with Brad Pitt and her current love  Justin Theroux.

The former Friends star said of her marriage to Brad Pitt, “Nobody did anything wrong. There’s no story”.

Jennifer also talked about having a baby with fiance Justin, saying only that “it’s been a want” for the couple.

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