Jeff Goldblum Announces He Will Be A First-Time Father At 62! (VIDEO)


Jeff Goldblum and wife Emilie photos

Jeff Goldblum is the age many men are already grandfathers, but the excited actor has revealed he is going to be a first-time father.

The 62-year-old actor announced his new wife Emilie, 31, is pregnant with their first child, during his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The actor was chatting with the late night host about how his 32-year-old former Olympic gymnast wife can still get her leg behind her head when he revealed she is pregnant.

Jeff Goldblum reveals he's expecting first child on Letterman

Goldblum told Letterman, “To this day she needs no warming up she could come out her and put her leg like there and hold it there…. And she’s pregnant.  She’s three months pregnant.”

The couple, who dated for three years, married on November 8.

The actor revealed that she told him she was pregnant the day before they tied the knot.  They are having a baby boy.

Jeff told Letterman they already have a name in mind, stating, “If it stays, are current thinking is Elliot Charlie. Elliot Charlie Goldblum.”

Letterman didn’t appear too fond of the name Elliott.

The Jurassic Park star stated, “Charlie is kind of a family name, [so] well it’s up to him then maybe he can say ‘Hey I like Charlie better than Elliot.'”

Jeff Goldblum & wife Emilie Livingston

The host brought Goldblum’s wife out on stage, where she showed off her amazing flexibility.

This is the third marriage for the actor, who was previously married to actresses Patricia Gaul and Geena Davis.

We are certain lots of haters will bash the actor for marrying a woman much younger, but they appear to be very much in love. Congrats!

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