Jamie Lynn Spears Will Cut A B*tch (VIDEO)


Jamie Lynn Spears breaks up fight with bread knife

Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney, looks so cute and sweet. But don’t get it twisted, she will kick your butt!

Last month, it was reported that Jamie Lynn grabbed a knife at a Louisiana sandwich shop to break up a fight. Now the security tape has been released.

Jamie Lynn came to the aid of her friend that was being attacked at the Pita Pit in Hammond, Louisiana, by pulling her to safety and wielding a serrated bread knife to stop the fight.

The incident occurred when the 23-year-old singer was visiting the sandwich shop for a late night snack and her female companion was reportedly hit with a bottle.

In this newly released security footage obtained by TMZ, you can see the fight start. The sandwich shop employee doesn’t get involved but is seen calling 911.

Jamie Lynn Spears grabs bread knife

Spears takes matters into her own hands and goes behind the counter to grab a knife.

Police were called, but the former Zoey 101 actress’ friend reportedly didn’t want to press charges, so no arrests were made.

Hours before the alleged fight, Jamie Lynn shared a picture of her and a friend posing on their low-key night out.

Jamie Lynn Spears comes to pal's rescue

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Images: wenn.com/TMZ


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