Emile Hirsch Accused Of Assaulting Female Studio Executive At Sundance Film Festival


Emile Hirsch assaulted a female film executive?

“Lone Survivor” star Emile Hirsch was allegedly involved in an altercation early on Sunday with a female studio executive while partying at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The 29-year-old actor was accused by a Paramount Pictures movie executive of assaulting her while partying at Tao nightclub in Park City.

Police were called to Tao nightclub at around 3:30 am after an unidentified female movie executive told security she had been assaulted.

An insider revealed, “Something happened between the movie exec and Emile, and she said she had been assaulted and asked security to call the police”.

The eyewitness adds, “Emile didn’t leave the scene, and calmly waited for the police to arrive, and spoke with them until around 5 am, after which he went home with his friends. No arrests were made”.

Another source said the film exec didn’t press charges at the nightclub, but was considering filing a complaint later with police.

Emile Hirsch at Sundance Film Festival

The Into the Wild actor has been in Park City to promote his new movie Ten Thousand Saints, which will premiere on Friday at the film festival.

The film adaptation of a 2012 Eleanor Henderson novel of the same name also co-stars Ethan Hawke, Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield and Emily Mortimer.

The book followed a group of people from 1987 to 2006, weaving through the punk scene and the AIDS epidemic.

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