What The Duck? Farrah Abraham’s Lip Surgery A Major Fail! (Photos)


What the hell did Farrah Abraham do to her lips?

Farrah Abraham, former Teen Mom to porn star and stripper, is certainly no stranger to plastic surgery. But this time things went horribly awry.

Farrah, who previously swore off plastic surgery, had lip implant surgery that led to an ER visit and ridiculous result.

On Tuesday the 23-year-old Teen Mom star revealed on Twitter that her recent lip augmentation procedure did not go well, landing her in the emergency room.

Farrah shared the shocking photos on social media, captioning the photo, “Monday just got ‪#‎Botched…

Farrah Abraham visits ER after lip implant surgery

Abraham added, “Oh boy never again La Jolla need a better doc like NOW ‪#‎plasticsurgery‬ girlsfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

Farrah Abraham visits ER after lip implant surgery

We are certain the reality star is freaking out, especially because she is scheduled to make an appearance at The Scene in New York on January 17.

It appears Farrah was looking for a little sympathy from fans on social media, but that’s definitely not what she received.

One commenter wrote, “Hahahahahaha karma is great”.

Another user wrote, “What a horrible role model for Sophia. I hope to God she doesn’t turn out like you.”

One other weighed in on the situation, writing, “That’s your own fault u do need a new doctor– a psychologist”.

Farrah Abraham got more surgery

Farrah reportedly went in for lip implant surgery, opting for the PermaLip silicone implant that would not require frequent injections.

An insider said of the surgery, “Farrah got a new procedure, where the doctor puts an implant in the patients lip. Farrah says she researched the doctor and the procedure and decided it was a safe bet. She was wrong. She says the doctors are trying to figure out if her body had an allergic reaction or if the implant itself was defective”.

Farrah attempted to have a laugh at her own expense after all the mean comments, tweeting a side-by-side of her huge lips alongside Futurama’s Leela.

Farrah Abraham compares look to Leela of Futurama

Farrah tried collagen injections in her lips last year, explaining it “was something fun and not permanent”.

Last fall Farrah had a chin implant (which she later had removed) and breast augmentation to go from a C to a D cup.

At that time, Farrah said, “I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous.”

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