Disney World’s Beauty And The Beast Villain Gaston Is Awesome (VIDEO)


Best Gaston character ever?

We have no clue who plays the character of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast at Disney World, but he is freaking hilarious.

One visitor challenged Gaston to a push-up contest and got schooled, but the Disney villain himself was put in his place by a little girl last month. See the funny videos!

A park visitor named Blake Platt decided to challenge Gaston to a little show of strength contest, but things didn’t go as well as he had hoped.

Blake asked the villainous character, “You think you’re pretty strong? I think I’m stronger than you.”

Gaston appears amused, asking, “You think you’re stronger than me? What’s the challenge? A push-up contest?”

Best Gaston character ever?

The guy dressed as Gaston taunts, “It looks like he’s struggling — perhaps he needs a hand!” as he begins one-armed push-ups.

Just last month, the same awesome Gaston was told off by a little girl named Isabella, who was determined he would not win Belle’s heart.

Gaston gets told off by little girl

So cute!

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