Damn You Taylor Swift: Stop Making Us Like You! (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift makes sweet gesture for diehard fans

We’ve never been big Taylor Swift fans, but her song “Shake It Off” did get stuck in our heads.

But Taylor made huge points in our book for her kindness for her big fans, spreading Christmas cheer with gifts and handwritten notes.  Check out the sweet video!

We must admit we got a little teary-eyed while watching this video of Taylor spreading joy this holiday season.

Taylor had been studying up on her biggest fans, which has been labeled “Tay-Lurking.”

The 25-year-old singer tried to find out what her biggest fans on social media liked, their dreams, jobs, and their family.  She made notes about her fans and started shopping for handpicked items she thought they would enjoy.

Taylor then wrapped the gifts and filled boxes, along with a handwritten message to send to her lucky fans.

The video shows Taylor working hard to make her fans feel appreciated and loved in the spirit of gift-giving, and the reaction of her fans as they receive and open their packages from Taylor is priceless.

Taylor Swift fans receive huge box of goodies from singer

Be prepared for some squeals and shrieks!


Swift even took a drive to Connecticut to surprise one fan and her young son, arriving on the woman’s doorstep with packages.

Taylor Swift hand-delivered gift to Connectcut family

Taylor’s fans, aka “Swifties”, took video footage of the unwrapping process. She definitely made their Christmas extra special.

Taylor Swift gets some sugar from Lawson

Yes, Taylor is growing on us.

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