Chris Pratt Shows Up For Unscheduled Interview With Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)


Chris Pratt stops by Jimmy Kimmel's office

Jimmy Kimmel had a “surprise” guest on Wednesday, when Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt showed up for his “interview”.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star wasn’t scheduled to be on the show, but wanted an impromptu interview in Kimmel’s office.

Chris, 35, made the appearance to promote his show, Parks and Recreation, after pretending to pop in to Kimmel’s office to ask about which bowtie he should wear.

Kimmel was confused by the arrival of Pratt, who explained to the talk show host that he received an Evite for an interview.

Chris Pratt surprise interview

Jimmy explained they didn’t do invites, which Chris checking his phone for information.

Pratt replied, “Oh yeah, no. It’s from my brother. I call him Jimmy Kimmel. He’s morbidly obese.”

Chris stated that while he was there they might as well “bang one out”. Jimmy called in Guillermo (or Valermo, as Chris insisted), who was in boxers and a white wife-beater.

Then Chris insisted the band come into the office too. Pratt assured Kimmel he had some great anecdotes, which didn’t turn out to be the case but was hilarious.

Chris Pratt surprise interview

Chris also starred in a recorded scene with his wife Anna Faris at the beginning of the People’s Choice Awards. In the video, the real-life couple joked about how he was too busy reading scripts and making movies (11 of them by Friday) to support her hosting gig at the awards show.

Chris did not, in fact, attend the People’s Choice with Anna, 38, but was at home with their son, Jack.

The couple’s son was born prematurely in 2012 and was having eye surgery.

In addition to Parks And Recreation, which begins its seventh and final season on Tuesday, Chris has become quite the break out star in roles such as The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

His next big acting gig is 2015’s Jurassic World.

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