Channing Tatum Talks About His Imaginary Friend & Daughter’s “Poop Face” (VIDEO)


Channing Tatum had imaginary friend Boy

Channing Tatum is so handsome, even when he is talking about poop!

The Magic Mike star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the two dads got into a discussion about their children’s interesting pooping expressions.

Channing admitted that his favorite thing about babies is their “poop face”, adding that his daughter Everly makes a funny face when she is going number two.

Jenna Dewan and her daughter Everly leaving Rite Aid

We are certain Everly will be loving this clip one day when she is a teenager!

The hunky 34-year-old actor also talked to Kimmel about his childhood companion, an imaginary friend he called “Boy”.

Channing Tatum reunited with imaginary friend Boy

Jimmy pretended to surprise Channing by bringing out his childhood pal, with the studio door opening as music played.

Kimmel pretended to pick up the invisible friend and swing him around.

Channing played along and offered the first chair to Boy as he jokingly said, “What’s up man? This is crazy right?”

The actor has been keeping busy recently, starring as Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz in Foxcatcher.

Channing has seven films set to come out through 2016 including sci-fi action film, Jupiter Ascending.

The movie is about a genetically engineered former military hunter who travels with a female caretaker played by Mila Kunis.

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