Blake Shelton Hosts Saturday Night Live: See His Best Moments (VIDEO)


Blake Shelton hosts SNL

Country star and The Voice judge Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live last night, playing a slew of characters.

Shelton’s monologue featured him taking part in a Hee-Haw-style jamboree.  Check out the best videos from last night’s show.

In the sketch, Blake wanted to stick with the corny jokes of the former variety show, but the cast members did not understand the concept and took their chance to tell dirty jokes.

The Topeka Today sketch was about an older man (Taran Killam) that had written a song about his late wife. Blake played a local singer that performed the song that went from sweet to angry.

Shelton then played the part of The Bachelor, a “Farm Hunk”:

The country star performed Neon Lights on the comedy show:

One funny skit was the Wishin’ Boot”, which actually sounds like something you would hear on the radio.

Blake and the cast did a Family Feud sketch, which put The Voice up against American Idol.

Keenan Thompson played the role of a cannibal trying to get parole.

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Images: NBC


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