Woman Left A Very Special Gift For Package Thief…Dog Poop! (VIDEO)


DC woman surprised thief with box of dog poop

A man that was stealing delivered packages from a woman’s doorstop in Washington DC discovered that revenge is a dish best served…with dog crap!

Andrea Hutzler, 33, was angry after losing over $800 in stolen goods over the past two months, including Christmas presents, clothing, and even aluminum poles she had ordered for a building project.

Hutzler and her boyfriend have filed police reports and installed a camera outside their home, but even the security cameras did nothing to stop someone from stealing their parcels.

Andrea said watching the stranger on camera approach her home last Friday and take another package was the final straw.

Thief gets a stinky surprise

She said, “I worked hard, saved my money, bought something and then it was just gone”.

Hutzler decided her best bet was to get back at the thief by filling up a cardboard box with poop, compliments of her two dogs.

Woman sets out box of dog crap for thief..love it!

On Monday, she directed a video camera right at her front door and left the stinky package out.

Before long, a man in a hooded sweatshirt and a beanie hat was caught on camera, grabbing the box and taking off.

Washington DC thief taking delivered packages..what a Grinch

Andrea said she considered putting a little note in the box with the dog crap, stating, “Surprise! Please stop stealing my crap.”

Hutzler has filed a police report and hopes police will be able to identify and arrest the criminal.


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