Supermodel Beverly Johnson Reveals Bill Cosby Drugged Her Too!


Beverly Johnson opens up about Bill Cosby

Supermodel Beverly Johnson, the first black woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue, has claimed that Bill Cosby drugged and tried to take advantage of her too.

Johnson felt the need to share her story.

The 62-year-old businesswoman told Vanity Fair that the attack took place at the former “Cosby Show” star’s New York brownstone in the mid-80s, when she visited to read through lines for a small part on the series.

The comedian had invited Beverly to brunch days before with her young daughter, which she later believed to be “part of a perfectly laid out plan, a way to make me feel secure with him at all times”.

On her second visit, Johnson had a light dinner with Cosby and he insisted she have a coffee from his espresso-maker.

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She felt pressured by the comedian and finally took a few sips of the cappuccino. She said she realized she had been drugged.

Beverly wrote, “My head became woozy, my speech became slurred, and the room began to spin nonstop. Cosby motioned for me to come over to him as though we were really about to act out the scene.  As I felt my body go completely limp, my brain switched into automatic-survival mode.  That meant making sure Cosby understood that I knew exactly what was happening at that very moment”.

She told Cosby, “You are a motherf***** aren’t you?”

The former model claimed that as the drug began to take hold of her, she repeatedly kept cursing at Cosby.

She said Bill Cosby looked angry and then grabbed her by the arm and down the stairs to dump her in a taxi.

Beverly Johnson shares her incident with Bill Cosby

Johnson said that it took several days for the effects of the drug to wear off and that when they did, she called Cosby’s number to confront him.

His wife Camille answered the phone and told her that it was too late for her husband to take the call and that she should call back.  But she never did.

She explained, “At a certain moment it became clear that I would be fighting a losing battle with a powerful man so callous he not only drugged me, but he also gave me the number to the bedroom he shared with his wife.  In the end, just like the other women, I had too much to lose to go after Bill Cosby.”

The supermodel’s allegations bring the total number of women who have come forward to accuse Cosby to 24.

Beverly Johnson said of her decision to come forward with her story, “I couldn’t sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something I knew was true”.

One of her friends, Janice Dickinson, had also shared that Cosby raper her.

Beverly also adds the reason why she didn’t write about her incident with Cosby in her memoir.

She adds, “He brought this on himself when he decided he had the right to have his way with who knows how many women over the last four decades.”

Wow, it appears Bill Cosby was rapin’ everybody out there.

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