Slash Files For Divorce! Guess Perla Ferrar’s Ultimatum Didn’t Go Over Well!


Slash pulls plug on marriage to Perla Ferrar

Slash was given a New Year’s day deadline to get his act together or Perla Ferrar threatened to file for divorce.  Well, that plan backfired.

Ferrar took off with their sons for Hawaii on Sunday and Slash filed for divorce in Los Angeles today!

The rocker requested joint physical and legal custody of their kids in the paperwork, with the date of separation listed as June 15.

Slash is requesting joint physical and legal custody of their boys – 12-year-old London and 10-year-old Cash.

The couple’s marital problems go way back, with the guitarist even filing for divorce in 2010.  But Slash withdrew the divorce petition a few months later.

Slash and wife Perla pics

Slash and Perla’s split will be difficult because she runs his businesses and is also his manager.

Slash was married once before to Renee Suran.

The guitarist said in a 2010 interview that he met Perla at a Guns N’ Roses show afterparty in Las Vegas.

Slash revealed, “We had our little fling for a second.  I knew that I was seriously attracted to her. And I didn’t need that in my life, so we stayed apart.”

They remained friends, but in 1997 they met again and have been together ever since.

Slash in concert with Myles Kennedy

“She and I were hardcore partiers for a long time,” Slash revealed. “When we walked into a room, you knew there was trouble. She was more hardcore than I was… And also, more — what’s the word for it? — more outspoken. A tougher all-round person.

“I’m sort of quiet. I don’t want to draw attention to myself if I can help it. She, on the other hand, started trouble. So between the two of us, Sid and Nancy had nothing on us. We weren’t necessarily that stupid though. Although we did have a couple of rows that were, you know, serious. Cops coming and shit…

“Anyway, we’ve had an interesting existence. Then at some point somehow we both just mellowed out a little bit. We’re still a pretty rockin’ couple though, I gotta say.”

There are so many celebrity couples splitting up lately. Maybe ready to start off 2015 with a clean slate…and new partner?

Here’s the awesome Slash performing with one of my favorite singer’s now…Myles Kennedy.

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