Paris Hilton & Father Rick Hilton Receiving Death Threats: Find Out Why!


Paris Hilton and Rick Hilton

Paris Hilton and her father are both being targeted by a man that has threatened to beat and kill them.

The man has posted threatening messages on Instagram and Facebook.

Paris has received creepy messages from the anti-Semitic man.

The crazy thing is that Paris and her family are Roman Catholic and not even Jewish!

One post from the man stated, “I know ur Jew family gives nothing”, and another said, “KILL JEWS FOR FUN (sic)”

Paris Hilton targeted on social media


The man is also alleged to have threatened to sexually assault the 33-year-old star.

That is not where the man decided to stop with his threats against Paris Hilton either. The report further states that he discussed raping and beating her as well in a different post.

He posted, “Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper [sic] her ass hahahahahaha… I’ll beat u and that b-tch to unconscious [sic] .”

The Los Angeles Police Department has obtained a warrant to try to track down the man on the social media sites and believe they know who he is.

Paris Hilton slams Jeremy Jackson's story

Inside sources claim that the cops have an idea who that man is but they have to first receive a verification for the Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to move forward with an arrest.

This is reportedly not the first time that Paris Hilton has been the target of death threats over the years.

Paris previously received death threats from prison inmates back in May of 2007. At that time, Hilton was sentenced to serve a 45-day sentence in jail in June of the same year.

Hilton received messages at that time saying, “We’re going to get you” and “I’m going to kill you.”

Rick Hilton currently has an estimated net worth of $300 million while his daughter, Paris Hilton, has a net worth of $100 million.

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