LeAnn Rimes Worries Husband Eddie Cibrian Will Hook-Up With Cute Co-Star?


LeAnn Rimes worried about Chelsea Kane?
Eddie Cibrian started his romance with country singer LeAnn Rimes by cheating on his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

It’s really not that surprising that LeAnn is worried he will do the same to her, with his hot young “Baby Daddy” co-star, Chelsea Kane.

There are several reports that Cibrian is back to his cheating ways…we all know a leopard doesn’t change its spots!

There are rumors Eddie is hooking up with his cute co-star on the ABC Family series.  Talk about deja vu!

Most of you remember that Eddie left his first wife, Brandi Glanville, for LeAnn Rimes, after they worked together on the 2009 Lifetime movie “Northern Lights”.

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes pics

Eddie Cibrian has struggled to find steady work after “For Better or Worse” in 2012, but now he has landed a full-time acting gig on ABC Family’s new comedy.  Chelsea Kane plays his love interest on the show.

A source said, “Word has it that Rimes is on high alert, and refrained from plugging Eddie’s new job on Twitter and Instagram because she wants this new project to get cancelled before it’s too late”.

The insider said, “Chelsea is LeAnn’s worst nightmare. She’s young and hot and she’ll be kissing her husband. Eddie is hoping that LeAnn can rein it in, if he hits the mark he could become a regular. He doesn’t want LeAnn to ruin this opportunity for him.”

LeAnn Rimes and philandering hubby Eddie Cibrian

Are these reports total B.S. and the case of people wanting to see Karma bite LeAnn in the behind?

The couple appeared to be the picture of happiness over the Christmas holidays.

LeAnn posted a photo, captioning the image, “Christmas memories! Yesterday was wonderful. [Love,] our family.”

LeAnn Rimes worried Eddie Cibrian will stray?

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