Kourtney Kardashian Strips Down For DuJour Magazine: Naked & Pregnant!


Kourtney Kardashian nude and pregnant

Her sister Kim Kardashian attempted to break the internet with her giant naked ghetto booty, but now Kourtney Kardashian is baring nearly all while pregnant with her third child.

Kourtney stripped down for DuJour, telling the publication she has no problem going naked while pregnant.

The 35-year-old reality star told DuJour, “To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of.  I’m not embarrassed of my body.  I’m at my best when I’m pregnant. It’s such an amazing feeling, the transformation that your body goes through.  There’s something about that that’s so empowering and beautiful and I just really embrace it.”

Kourtney Kardashian naked while pregnant

Kourtney revealed that she did her first nude shot while pregnant with her oldest child, son Mason.

She explained that she was totally comfortable with being nude, but that her partner Scott Disick had some reservations.

Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian

Kardashian recalled, “Scott, who stopped by with Kim… [was] like ‘How are you fine just standing there like naked with all these people around?!'”

Kourtney admits while she has no problem posing while pregnant that she doubts she will get naked in front of the camera after giving birth.

Kourtney Kardashian DuJour naked pics

She stated, “I would never say never, but I don’t think so, no.  What appeals to me is celebrating the shape of my body being pregnant and capturing that time in my life.”

Do you guys enjoy seeing Kourtney pregnant and naked? These Kardashian sisters sure love getting naked!

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