Justin Bieber Goes Blonde: Love Or Loathe?


Justin Bieber goes blonde

Justin Bieber went with a new look, going blonde (or actually yellow).

The 20-year-old singer showed off his new look at the store opening for West Coast Customs in Burbank, California.

The Biebs greeted fans with his new hair color on display.

One source revealed the singer was ready to “shake things up” in his life.

Bieber told his friends he thought the change would be fun, saying, “now I am going to find out if blondes really do have more fun.”

An insider said that Justin flipped when he saw his blonde hair and thought it looked really cool and dope.

Justin Bieber shows off blonde hair color

Apparently a close friend dared Justin to do it.

We are betting Justin Bieber was just wanting a change. We all know women normally change their hair color or style when they end a relationship. Maybe guys do too? Or at least Justin does?

What do you guys think of Bieber’s new hair look? We can’t say we like it, but maybe it will grow on us.

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